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HAKA-WOOD - Company

Haka-Wood Inc. is family business and was originally named Permonen circular saw. It began its work in 1962. The sawing was done with field circular saw. We use Finnish birch in raw material. All our birch suppliers and employees are well known with quality, which help us to produce high qualified birch goods to customers. Our market area is Europe, Asia and Russia. Our customers are furniture factories using birch in Finland and abroad.

The name of the sawmill got through another change in the year 1990, when it was named Oy Haka-Wood Ab. The name was suitable for a company, which concentrated on export business. When the sawing increased, began co-operations with different forestry companies and later with other sawmill enterprisers.

We were having a grand opening of our new sawmill in 12.6.1998. Nowadays we have 7 modern kiln driers. Our capacity to dry is 600-700m3 / month. A part of our sawn timber is sold unseasoned. A birch is used mainly at raw material in furniture productions, so in our history we have had many customers from all over the world. Throughout the colourful history of the saw our motto has been: "We saw to live, not live to saw", and this is the sentence that we will aim at in the future as well.