HAKA-WOOD - History

Oy Haka-Wood Ab was originally named Permonen circular saw. It began its work in 1962. The sawingwas done with field circular saw wich used a Valmet - tractor as a source of power. The circular saw was assembled to a site leasehold. At the time trading capital of the sawmill was formed from the child benefits of two children, Teuvo and Tuomo. In the course of time the functioning of the sawmill was advanced. When the community hall of Permonen was bought in 1965, the sawmill got to its own lot. Trading capital was increased in 1967, when the third and the youngest child Terho, saw the daylight.

When the business of the sawmill growed, it was felt necessary to change the name of the sawmill to Hakkaraisen Saha. The change happened in the year 1972. The name of the sawmill got through another change in the year 1990, when it was named Oy Haka-Wood Ab. The name was suitable for a company, which concentrated on export business.

The acquirance of wood were originally done by buing the wood straight from the forest owners. When the sawing increased, began co-operations with different forestry companies and later with other sawmill enterprisers.

In the long history of Oy Haka-Wood Ab contains joy as well as sorrow. The greatest misfortunes that the sawmill has encountered have been in the form of fires. The first devastating fire was in the year 1997, when fire completely burnt down the sawmill. The sawmill was rebuilt and working was continued more intensely than before. Another, nearly as devastating fire was in the year 2001, when recently manufactured sorting line was perished. Even this didn't put us down.

Time has passed, the boys have growed, the child benefits have runned out decades ago and work has been arranged for the boys from their own sawmill. Since the beginning of the sawmill it has advanced considerably its technical performance as well as its volume of production. Now it belongs amongst the best units of circular saws using birch. Throughout the colourful history of the saw our motto has been: "We saw to live, not live to saw", and this is the sentence that we will aim at in the future as well.

Oy Haka-Wood Ab is a birch sawmill which has specialized in producing birch sawn goods.