HAKA-WOOD - Further Processing

Our further processing factory is equiped with modern and effective machinery. We can produce birch elements, - components and –glue laminated boards as semifinished products for furniture industry. We are mainly focused to thicker sizes, but we are able to produce also thinner products according to our customers needs. Our main products are 40 mm glue laminated boards in A/B-, A/C-, and B/C-quality and 38 or 50 mm elements and planed components.

We also produce massive wood Haka-Floor- flooring, which you can read more from Haka-Floor web pages: www.haka-floor.fi

Our biggest competitive advantage in further processing is that we have whole production chain in our own hands from log to final products. Because of this we can cut sawn timber, that serves best the efficient production of final products. In addition, with our modern kiln driers we can assure uniform and light wood colour down to 6% m.c., which is very important in birch furniture industry.

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  • Höylätyt

Planed components+

We produce planed birch components cut to exact lenght according to our customers requirements. Our modern machinery assures exact lenght cut and excellent planing quality, that our customer can rely on. If needed, together with our subcontractors we can offer also other machining to the products, as for example drillings.

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We produce birch elements cut to exact lenght and quality requested by our customer. If needed, elements can be also preplaned during production.

  • Lenght tolerance: +-1 mm