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HAKA-WOOD - Sawn timber

Haka-Wood Inc uses four main classifications for the saw boards:

  • Extra-prime is best saw board quality without any branches or mistakes. Raw material is from the best birch log
  • Prime: At least one flat on the saw board have to be without any mistakes. Some branches can be on the second flat. Dark colour on the heartwood is not allowed.
  • Good export quality is almost the same as the prime quality, but some branches can be on the both flats and light heartwood is allowed.
  • Normal export quality: Solid branches and decayed hard heartwood are allowed.

"Pintalauta" -quality is sawed from the surface of the log. Dimensions are 19x63,5 - 89mm. Small dry branches are allowed

Decayed soft tree is not allowed in any classification. The classification of the order will be always negotiated with customer.